Practice Areas

Warren E. Gorman has been practicing law for over 30 years in the District of Columbia and Maryland.  If your legal issue is not described below, please contact us for a private consultation. 
Personal Injury

Warren E. Gorman has handled hundreds of personal injury claims from large permanent disability matters to minor fender benders. He has received impressive verdicts and settlements for his clients. When a client is unsatisfied with a settlement offer he is not reluctant to go to trial. He promptly answers clients questions and is accessible by telephone and email.


When you hire Warren E. Gorman he will be the person in charge of your case. You will not receive calls from secretaries, law firm clerks, or first year associates. He will return your call within 24 hours and keep you abreast of the progress of your case.​



Medical Malpractice

Warren E. Gorman has represented numerous clients in various malpractice cases including dental malpractice, abortions, and surgical procedures. His clients have received millions of dollars in compensation. He has worked with and is in contact with many experts in various medical fields.


Wills Trusts & Probate


Warren E. Gorman has completed hundreds of wills and trusts for clients in the District of Columbia and Maryland. He has represented clients at trial and contested hearings including the area of mental capacity and the voiding of wills. He has opened and completed more than one hundred estates. He has successfully settled many disputes involving siblings and relatives.  In cases of gaurdianship and conservatorship Mr. Gorman is adept at solving problems and uniting families.


Domestic Relations

Divorce, alimony, separation agreements, and custody issues have been resolved with the aid of this law office. Mr. Gorman has zealously advocated for his clients interests to obtain the appropriate solution. He will handle your private matters with the utmost respect, sensitivity, and care.   

Criminal Law

An arrest is very serious matter.  A criminal conviction can have a huge effect on your future. Mr. Gorman has represented clients in criminal cases in the District of Columbia and Maryland. He has represented individuals on cases ranging from theft to drug conspiracies in Federal Court.   His practice includes criminal litigation in both state, city, and federal courts.  As your criminal defense attorney Mr. Gorman will use his 30 years of experience in the field to help defend you in criminal court.





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